David Klem

Thoughts from an avid indoorsman

Migrating from 2Do to TaskPaper

Task management seems like something that should be fairly straightforward. You have a list of things to do, and you check them off when done. Of course, the computer world is full of people trying to optimize and enhance absolutely everything including managing the things we do. That led to an explosion in task managers and todo lists across many different platforms. For the Mac specifically, I remember being awed by the power of OmniOutliner and Kinkless GTD many years ago!

Touch ID for Mac - No Thanks

The long awaited, brand new MacBook Pro announced in October created quite the stir in the Mac / Tech community. Beyond the updated specs and thinner case that was expected, they’ve increased the price a non-trivial amount to include the Touch Bar on almost every model. (Not to mention the other controversial decisions around USB-C ports only, arguably worse keyboard, lack of 32GB RAM options, etc.) I understand there’s not much innovation in the CPU space, but I think after 500 days with no update, many people would have been extremely happy with just a simple spec bump and maybe some weight reduction.

Quick Dial Contacts on iOS 10

I was speaking with a good friend of mine who happened to mention he was frustrated with iOS 10, since Siri seemed to keep misunderstanding him when he was trying to quickly call his wife. He commented that he wishes there was an app that when pressed, would just automatically call her. Now, I can’t fix Siri for him, but I figured the latter was absolutely possible. My initial thought was to use the Workflow app.

Facebook Messages on iOS Safari

I’m not a heavy Facebook user, but I do occasionally like to check in to see how family and friends are doing. A while back, there were some known issues with the iOS app seemingly causing the battery to drain quicker than normal. Between that, and some potential privacy concerns, I switched from the dedicated app to using Facebook from within Safari on iOS. I even created a home screen icon using the share sheet and selecting “Add to Home Screen” to make it easy to access.

Caffeine for Mac Alternatives

In the early OS X days, I started using a utility called Caffeine on my laptops. Caffeine, when active, prevents the screensaver from activating, as well as the display from going to sleep. This is quite useful during presentations or other times you might need to see the screen but aren’t actively using the computer. When I received my first Retina MacBook Pro for work a couple of years back, I installed Caffeine and noticed that the icon in the menubar that it uses was clearly not retina.