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My name is David Klem, and I like to tinker and fix things that aren’t necessarily broken. Everything from media storage and playback, audio gear, internal home networks, to solar panels and more. I tend to write about things that are top of mind, or that I think might help someone else. As any good engineer, I’m always trying to enhance and optimize my work. I also read quite a bit, usually averaging over 40 books per year.

My wife jokes that I’m an avid indoorsman, but I do actualy enjoy a few outside activities. After never being much of a sports fan, I’ve recently started to really enjoy soccer, or “football” as most of the world calls it. I make it a priority to take my son to all his practices, and attend all of the games. I really do just love watching him play, at any level.

For my day job, I work at NetApp in the Converged Infrastructure Group. Officially, I’m a Technical Marketing Engineer (TME), but that’s a fancy way of saying I not only design and build solutions people want to use, but I also talk about them to partners and customers. I’ve gone from the typical introverted geek who just wants to work in the lab at the beginning of my career, to someone who really enjoys speaking with people about technology.

Cool Enterprise Stuff (Day Job)

  • NetApp Kilo Client - Helped build an internal Cloud Computing environment before Cloud Computing was a buzz word. (And even before virtualization was a thing!)
  • FlexPod - Lead architect for the $5B Converged Infrastructure solution. Took the Kilo Client model of scale and flexibility, simplified it, and packaged it up to make it much easier to deploy and use.
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