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Programmatically remap keys in OS X

Question: Is there any way to programmatically remap keys in OS X? My Answer: Most of the text macro tools available on the Mac will be able to trigger scripts (Applescript, shell scripts, etc.) as well as perform standard expansions based on the input and context. I like to start my expansions with the semi-colon since I know I will rarely accidentally trigger an expansion in my normal typing, and it’s an easy key to hit.

Alfred Workflow - ExpanDrive

Requirements This workflow requires ExpanDrive 3 or later, as well as Alfred 2 or later. Download and open the .workflow file to install. Note: The ExpanDrive Terminal Utility must be installed to use this workflow. ExpanDrive Manager > Settings > Terminal Utility > Install If the Terminal Utility is installed in a location other than /usr/bin, edit the path on the first line of the script filter within Alfred under the ExpanDrive workflow with the full path to the expan utility.

Alfred Workflow - Area Code Lookup

Description Easily look up an area code location and information using the 3 digit code, or the city / state name. Very useful when getting calls from a number you don’t recognize, or even for finding an areacode for a particular state or city. This version doesn’t require internet access for basic lookups The area code file can easily be edited to fix or change city names, or even add new area codes in the future The extended view can be accessed by pressing enter on a result.

Alfred Workflow - Wireless SSID

This is an Alfred extension designed to display the current Wireless SSID and related information both within the Alfred interface, as well as in Notification Center. There are other ways to see this data, but this is quick, convenient, and doesn’t take up space in the menubar. Screenshots Alfred Window Notification More info Download Alfred Forum Discussion Github

Alfred Workflow - Next Audio Output

By request - an Alfred workflow designed to select and switch to the next available audio output. More info Download Alfred Forum Discussion Github