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Alfred Workflow - Rate iTunes Track

Description Rate iTunes Track is an Alfred workflow designed to allow to allow the user to easily rate the currently playing track in iTunes. To enable half star ratings, issue the following command from within Terminal. defaults write com.apple.iTunes allow-half-stars -bool TRUE Installation “Rate iTunes Track.alfredworkflow” is the only file required to use the workflow. Just download and open the .workflow file to install within Alfred. Usage Invoke Alfred, and type rate <rating> where rating is a number from 0-5.

Does iTunes modify mp3 files?

Question: Does listening to songs in iTunes 10.7 change the underlying MP3 files at all? My Answer: My Setup: Crashplan, OS X 10.8.2, iTunes 10.7 (21) I am unable to replicate the same issue on my system, and haven’t noticed any excess changes or uploads to crashplan on my filesystem after playing music. To be sure it wasn’t happening in the background, I ran a checksum on one of my audio files, played the complete song in iTunes, and re-ran the checksum.

Multiple From Addresses in Mail.app on OS X Lion

My Question: How can I have multiple “From” addresses in Mail.app in OS X Lion? One nice feature when using IMAP within mail.app is the ability to list multiple addresses in the “email address” field separated by commas. This allows me to have both my real email address as well as any aliases defined. For instance, I might have username@domain.com as well as alias@domain.com separated by a comma. With this configured, if someone sends something to alias@domain.

Upgrading OEM Copy of Windows Vista to Windows 7

Question: Can I upgrade a corrupted OEM copy of Windows Vista to Windows 7? My Answer: The following method doesn’t require the second install of Windows 7, so it should be much faster than going through two installs to verify owning the previous version. Go through the complete install, then: From the command prompt or start menu, type regedit to start the registry editor, then navigate to the following location within the registry:

How to Charge for Contract IT Work

Question: How do you decide what to charge for computer consulting work? My Answer: I’ve done some contract sysadmin work for a few small businesses in the past. There are a couple of ways to go. Charge per job, and charge per hour. I lean towards the charge per hour, typically to avoid scope creep. (eg. the business adding more items to the todo list into the same “job”) This can be avoided with a good Statement of Work defined up front.