Alfred Workflow - Area Code Lookup

An Alfred workflow designed to easily look up area code information by 3 digit code or city / state name.


Easily look up an area code location and information using the 3 digit code, or the city / state name. Very useful when getting calls from a number you don’t recognize, or even for finding an areacode for a particular state or city.

  • This version doesn’t require internet access for basic lookups
  • The area code file can easily be edited to fix or change city names, or even add new area codes in the future
  • The extended view can be accessed by pressing enter on a result. This will open the default browser to a page with more information on this location.
  • I had considered using the API for, but there were some limitations to that approach. It only returns state name, not a city name. You can’t customize the output, etc. I can add support if people think it would be valuable.


Requires Alfred 2.X or later. No internet connection is required for simple area code lookups. Selecting a result will open a page in your default browser with more information that obviously will require internet access.


Invoke Alfred, and type ac followed by your search query. The search query can be a full or partial area code, or even a full or partial city or state abbreviation. Hitting enter on one of the results will bring up the additional information in your default browser.


If you’d like to update the city names or add additional area codes, edit the codes.txt file found within the workflow package. To navigate there, option or right click on the workflow from within Alfred and select Show in Finder. Make sure to follow the same format as the other entries.


Lookup via Area Code

Lookup via City Name

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