Alfred Workflow - ExpanDrive

An Alfred workflow built to easily connect and disconnect ExpanDrive locations


This workflow requires ExpanDrive 3 or later, as well as Alfred 2 or later. Download and open the .workflow file to install.

Note: The ExpanDrive Terminal Utility must be installed to use this workflow.

ExpanDrive Manager > Settings > Terminal Utility > Install

If the Terminal Utility is installed in a location other than /usr/bin, edit the path on the first line of the script filter within Alfred under the ExpanDrive workflow with the full path to the expan utility.


Invoke Alfred, and type expan to list all of the configured and available Servers. When selecting a single server, it will toggle its state. So, for instance if the server is currently not connected, selecting that server will connect it via ExpanDrive. If a server is connected when selected from the workflow, it will be ejected.


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