Alfred Workflow - Rate iTunes Track

An Alfred workflow to easily allow you to rate the currently playing iTunes track


Rate iTunes Track is an Alfred workflow designed to allow to allow the user to easily rate the currently playing track in iTunes.

To enable half star ratings, issue the following command from within Terminal.

defaults write allow-half-stars -bool TRUE


“Rate iTunes Track.alfredworkflow” is the only file required to use the workflow. Just download and open the .workflow file to install within Alfred.


Invoke Alfred, and type rate <rating> where rating is a number from 0-5. A selection of 0 clears the track rating. Now also supports half ratings such as 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 to give the appropriate half star rating.

Two panels will be shown, the top panel is where the rating is entered. The bottom panel only shows the current track information. If selected, nothing will happen. Separated into two panels for rating reliability. (The query wasn’t passed properly if the Applescript didn’t execute completely)

Project Notes

Added the bash scripts separately for reference and historical purposes, and to track changes to the individual scripts. You can also rename the .alfredworkflow extension to .zip, and extract normally.

Alternate Configuration

In the Alfred Forum thread, someone had asked if there was a way to automatically skip to the next track if the song was rated for less than a 3. Just add the code at the end of the bash script inside the workflow.

"osascript -e "tell application \"iTunes\" to set rating of current track to $rating"

if [[ "{query}" < 3 ]]; then
    osascript -e "tell application \"iTunes\" to next track"


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