Caffeine for Mac Alternatives

Alternative software to replace Caffeine for Mac

In the early OS X days, I started using a utility called Caffeine on my laptops. Caffeine, when active, prevents the screensaver from activating, as well as the display from going to sleep. This is quite useful during presentations or other times you might need to see the screen but aren’t actively using the computer.

When I received my first Retina MacBook Pro for work a couple of years back, I installed Caffeine and noticed that the icon in the menubar that it uses was clearly not retina. I’m not typically hung up on aesthetics, but this icon sits in the menubar and is visible at all times. I played around a bit with changing out the icon for a retina version, but decided to look into other utilities, especially since Caffeine has not been updated in years.

In the Mac App Store, a bunch of small utilities exist to take the place of this tool such as Taurine. There’s even a command line utility appropriately called “caffeinate” that you can use. Both work just fine, but I wanted an open source tool that I didn’t necessarily have to build myself.

Thankfully, Marcel Dierkes built a wrapper around the caffeinate command line tool called KeepingYouAwake. It supports the newest versions of OS X including Dark Mode as well as a retina menubar icon!