Facebook Messages on iOS Safari

How to access Facebook Messages from within Safari on iOS

I’m not a heavy Facebook user, but I do occasionally like to check in to see how family and friends are doing. A while back, there were some known issues with the iOS app seemingly causing the battery to drain quicker than normal. Between that, and some potential privacy concerns, I switched from the dedicated app to using Facebook from within Safari on iOS. I even created a home screen icon using the share sheet and selecting “Add to Home Screen” to make it easy to access.

One major advantage of the web view is that you can view your Facebook messages without the Messenger app installed. (For someone like me who only gets the occasional message, I’m not thrilled about having a separate app just for very limited use. And, there are potential privacy issues as well) That worked great, until it didn’t. Facebook recently tried blocking this access as well. Now when you try to view your messages even in the web view, you see the following:

No good. However, thankfully there’s a way around this (for now). Just tap and hold the reload button in the top right of the Safari window, and choose “Request Desktop Site”. It will reload Facebook, but now allows you to view your Facebook messages. A decent enough solution for those of us who don’t need or want the extra functionality in the Messenger app.

And then…