Quick Dial Contacts on iOS 10

How to create a way to quick dial often used contacts in iOS 10

I was speaking with a good friend of mine who happened to mention he was frustrated with iOS 10, since Siri seemed to keep misunderstanding him when he was trying to quickly call his wife. He commented that he wishes there was an app that when pressed, would just automatically call her. Now, I can’t fix Siri for him, but I figured the latter was absolutely possible.

My initial thought was to use the Workflow app. People like Federico Viticci have built some amazing automation using this tool, so I was sure it would handle this task just fine. I built a quick workflow that could both be a standard application icon, but also be located on the Today screen. The advantage there is being able to use the feature without unlocking your phone.

After I had built that out, I realized there were numerous applications that had Today widgets. I wondered if the built-in apps could do it as well. Sure enough, it’s right there. Just add your Phone Favorites to the Today screen, and make sure the right contacts are in your Favorites list. Voila, you can now call your favorites quickly, and without unlocking your phone, or using Siri!